There is no place like Iceland on the world map. Everyone will be fascinated by the wonders created by nature there. The snow is served to you in all kinds of ways. There is a lot more to discover in Iceland than just skiing/snowboarding in one of its picturesque resorts.

Snow-covered volcanoes accessible either with a snow groomer or skis, hot springs and splashing geysers, waterfalls, mysterious ice caves and stunning fiords. On top of that you will find rocky coast and black volcanic beaches, and, with just a bit of luck, colourful aurora borealis. Only in Iceland can you see it all in one week!

Snow Plus Adventure: Iceland is

  • 3 days of skiing and snowboarding
  • A snow groomer ride to the top of Snaefellsjokull volcano
  • A trip to the South Coast, black Reynisfjara beach and trekking on the Solheimajokull glacier
  • Sightseeing in Reykjavik
  • An every-day search for aurora borealis and the trolls :)

Additional  opportunities

  • A trip to the Golden Circle and snowmobile ride on the Langjokull glacier

Easy ski slopes

Aurora borealis

Black beach, waterfalls and glaciers

Snowmobile expedition on the glacier

Blafjoll. Blafjoll Ski Resort is a 25-minute drive away south of Reykjavik. There are 16 ski lifts (3 chair-lifts and 10 T-bar lifts) and not-too-steep, very wide slopes. The lifts are lit so it’s an absolute must to ride after dusk. When the sky is clear you can admire the beauty of an evening panorama of Reykjavik.

Snaefellsjkull and Eyjafjallajokul. They are the mysterious-sounding names of Icelandic volcanoes. After a warm-up on the slopes, you should try going up one of them. You can either get to the top in a snow groomer or with the skis. Snaefellsjkull is covered with glacier and snow conditions permitting there is a fairly easy and truly panoramic way down from its top (1446 m above sea level).

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DATA: 25.02 – 4.03.2018
CENA: EUR 1790.00

The price includes:
– accomodation
– ski package and many additional tours
– unbeatable programme
The expedition in small group.


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